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The Rent Guarantor Service designed just for students.

We cover your rent so your parents don’t have to!

What is our Rent Guarantor Service?

As your Rent Guarantor we are agreeing to take responsibility for covering your monthly rent, on your flat or shared house, should anything happen that prevents you from being able to pay your landlord. We can also offer you the option to protect yourself against any damages to your property, that your landlord expect you to cover. Our service has been designed with students for students.

How does it work?


Start A New Agreement

Register for our Guarantor service in just a few minutes, from anywhere in the world


Upload Your Documents

Upload your supporting documents for verification to complete your agreement


Download Your Certificate

Once you complete your application, your Rent Guarantee Certificate will be available to download

Register an Account

Your Student Care Partner will be asigned to help you complete the process once you complete your secure application payment.

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Why Use Home Guarantee?

How much do you charge for your service ?
The fee you pay is equal to a 75% of your first month’s rent (subject to a minimum of £295) for a 12 month tenancy, with no additional charges.
International Support
We partner with Universities to provide support to students coming to the UK from anywhere in the world. We offer International Assistance on matters related to renting in the UK, so that the transition is as easy as possible.
No Co-Signer
At Home Guarantee we never ask for a Co-Signer on our agreements. A Co-Signer is someone who is jointly liable to repay your rent if you default on your tenancy agreement.

Still have questions? Get in touch!

Our dedicated team are available to help you through the process. Once you have registered and have started an application for a new Home Guarantee Agreement you will be assigned your own Student Care Partner who will handle your case from beginning to end.
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